How does it work?

SIQURA combines two common substances we use everyday to prevent bacteria and fungal growth on surfaces.  The active ingredient in SIQURA is an antimicrobial derived from coconut oil that is grafted onto a molecular adhesive.  It's this adhesive that keeps the antimicrobial in place, helping to protect surfaces for much longer periods of time.

SIQURA is a liquid that can be applied to most dry surfaces by spraying, or as a foam applicator.  Allowing the surface to dry will coat the surface with a microscopic protective layer for continuous antimicrobial protection.


Most surface antimicrobials are effective for five minutes or less, leaving surfaces exposed to immediate recontamination.
SIQURA remains active, physically bonding to create a long term, durable self sanitising surface.

Just like popping a balloon!

The antimicrobial component of SIQURA is like a tiny electrical spear.  When a microbe comes in contact with the spear a very small electrical interaction occurs.  Unlike some antimicrobials that poison the microbe, it's this electrical interaction that kills the microbe, rather like a pin popping a balloon.  No poison, no alcohol, just a simple electrical charge that remains on the surface, keeping it protected, longer. 

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